2019: Gombe indigenes bemoan Mbaka’s endorsement of Dankwambo

Thu Jan 4th, 2018 - Enugu

By Emmanuel Aziken

LAGOS—ENUGU State based cleric, Fr. Mbaka has been taken to task on his endorsement of Governor Ibrahim Dankwambo as Nigeria’s next president with the Coalition of Gombe State Indigenes saying that the priest spoke out of context in his assessment of the work and worth of the Gombe State governor.

The coalition in a statement on Wednesday issued on its behalf by a prominent son of the state, Muhammad Jibrin drew attention to what it claimed as the failures of the outgoing administration in water supply, education, health among others to emphasise why it disagreed with Fr Mbaka and urged the cleric to travel to Gombe and see things for himself.

Fr. Mbaka and Gov. Dankwambo

Fr Mbaka, a former enthusiast of President Muhammadu Buhari had in his New Year message upbraided the president and asked him not to seek a second term in office, charging that Governor Dankwambo who he praised for his sterling achievements should be projected to fill the North’s turn.

But responding to Mbaka, the Coalition through Jibrin said:

“If the Rev Fr is well apprised of the state of affairs of Gombe State, he will certainly not recommend Governor Dankwambo as a worthy replacement for President Buhari. Perhaps, some examples will show Rev Fr Mbaka of the extent of the damage Governor Dankwambo has done to our State

“It is a well-known fact that Gombe town had battled with lack of portable drinking water since independence. The previous administration of Senator Danjuma Goje took this as a priority and spent over N8 billion to ensure the provision of water across the State and specifically within the metropolis of Gombe. Governor Dankwambo refused to make an annual budgetary spending of only N200m required to maintain the supply of water. Today, you will easily find water in the desert before Gombe State.

“Gombe State Education system was adjudged one of the best in the country. With a State University founded by the previous administration being rated as one of the top 10 State owned Universities in Nigeria as at 2011. As with the water project, he has neglected to continue with the required funding of the university. Today, the university and the entire education system is now in shambles and our class rooms are playground for idle students without teachers who have left en mass due to unpaid salaries.




source: Vanguard