A celebration of Olawale Oshun at 70

Mon Mar 23rd, 2020 - Kebbi

Growing up at Oke-Bola Ibadan, behind the famous Ibadan Boys High School and Papa Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s House, and even attending the Primary School section of that School, exposed me to many generations of their Old Boys. From 1962 when I entered another Secondary School up till 1966 when we sat for School Certificate, I knew and related with most student in my set at Ibadan Boys High school. One of such unforgettable Old Boys of IBHS is Honourable Olawale Oshun. Even after more than 50years, my early recollections of Olawale Oshun is that of a complete gentleman whose White over White School Uniform always managed to be Whiter than most of others in IBHS. He didn’t talk much, but his charisma and attitudes always revealed a possible great Thinker in the Future.

Our next meeting point was at the University of Ibadan in 1969, where he studied Agricultural Economics. Ironically, he was resident in Nnamdi Azikwe Hall, where many of the “Toughies” were resident. How Wale Oshun, a complete gentleman to the core, would survive in such an environment, I still don’t know. That famous University Administrator and Deputy Registrar, Students’ Affairs, Mr. S.A.O. Odumuye, should have allocated him to Greater Halls like Mellanby Hall, Tedder Hall, Sultan Bello and Kuti Halls, where Super-Gentlemen like us were resident. He was something akin to a Fish out his Natural habitat, but he survived, concentrated on his studies and graduated with a B.Sc in Agricultural Economics in July 1973 and was part of the History Making Pioneers of the national Youth Service Corps, serving in Sokoto (including Niger, Zamfara and Kebbi States) as an Agricultural Planning Officer.




source: Guardian