ABDULRAZAQ ABDULRAHAMAN –The new man on the block in Kwara

Sat Oct 13th, 2018 - Kwara

By Demola Akinyemi

Ilorin—The emergence of Alh Abdulrazaq Abdulrahaman as the gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in kwara state in the wee hours of last Sunday was to say the least, a political master stroke not only for the party members but also a strong signal to the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state that the forthcoming election in the state would be titanic.

Alhaji Abdulrazaq Abdulrahaman

Expectedly, the gubernatorial primary of the opposition, All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state was not expected to be different from others across the country as it was characterized with series of complaints against their candidates.

But in kwara state, the icing on the cake for Alhaji Abdulrazaq Abdulrahaman to coast home to victory among other aspirants was when two of the leading aspirants, Mohammed Dele Belgore SAN, and Ambassador Seriki Gambari stepped down,and ordered their delegates to vote for him.

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The announcement on Monday after series of complaints, and interface between other aspirants and the national party leadership of the party at the headquarters, put paid to those agitations since all other aggrieved aspirants were individually claiming victory, and the seat is meant for one of them.

Among the aspirants, Alhaji Abdulrazaq Abdulrahaman is about the only one that didn’t have any political stint with the Sarakis political dynasty and his governments since 1999,a record that stands him tall among others.

Since 1999,when Nigeria returned to democratic rule,Alh Abdulrazaq Abdulrahaman and his brother Alh Alimi Abdulrazaq have been in the forefront of the political struggle to unseat the Sarakis political dynasty in the state.

His brother, Alh Alimi Abdulrazaq who brought PDP to kwara state and single handedly funded the party and the election, contested against Alh Mohammed Alabi Lawal of the then All Peoples Party (APP),sponsored by Dr Abubakar Olusola Saraki but lost.

For Alh Abdulrazaq Abdulrahaman, who also contested for the gubernatorial election in the state in 2011 on the platform of CPC,and for kwara central senatorial district on the platform of Peoples Democratic party (PDP) against Dr Bukola Saraki, though lost in the elections,he has paid his dues in kwara politics to become the governor of his state

A successful businessman into oil and gas ,Alh Abdulrazaq Abdulrahaman in his present political adventure could be said to be fighting the political battle of his life as the stakes are high for him more than ever before, with the support of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) unlike his previous political contests.

Having known the nooks and cranny of kwara state, during his various campaigns, in the past and even the latest contest, he has sufficiently demonstrated to kwarans yearning for change over the years,that the time is now,and so he needs their support more than ever before.

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Over the years,Alh Abdulrazaq Abdulrahaman has particularly demonstrated his penchant for helping the poor by no small means with scholarship schemes, and various empowerment programmes for youths and women which he instituted, a development that had seen hundreds of women folk moving out of poverty, while the scholarship scheme has also helped several students to complete their studies, and then successfully move on with life.

For Alh Abdulrazaq Abdulrahaman who.strongly holds the view that the state of harmony has been pauperised by the political ruler ship of Sarakis dynasty, for him this is the time the residents of kwara state, would be liberated.

In his blueprint for a new Kwara, he is passionate about revolutionising Agriculture to create massive employment for all,particularly the youths and also use his network, both national and international to create a productive enterprise in the state for the economy to grow,unlike what it is now.

He also an advocates local government autonomy, whereby the councils would be free from the control of the state government, a development he said had rendered the local governments in the state redundant and unproductive.

Alh Abdulrazaq Abdulrahaman in his programme for a new Kwara during an event organized by the party for the aspirants to explain their agenda for the state, said he would make the education sector work by ensuring all secondary and primary schools in the state, including tertiary institutions are fully equipped with standard facilities and the needed manpower.

He said the intention is to make products of schools in Kwara state tower above their contemporaries in other states of the federation.

As a successful international businessman,that he is,he said.that he has completed strategies to stimulate economy of the state ,by encouraging foreign investors with his contacts, thereby creating conducive environment for economy to boom in the state.

He appears to have passion for agriculture as he has revolutionary package for the sector, such that it would create massive employment for many ,particularly the youths.

The health sector is also critical to him as he plans to improve the standards in hospitals across.

Of particular interest to him are the residents who are 60 years and above who he said would enjoy free health package from the state government.

As a sports man that he is, Alhaji Abdulrazaq Abdulrahaman has promised to make sports work in the state by fixing all the dilapidated facilities, and encourage investors to come.

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Fighting corruption is also an agenda he plans to pursue to the letter in the state ,by blocking all loopholes that make it possible for state funds to be triggered away.

Already, fray nerves are being calmed as the aggrieved aspirants are gradually coming together to stay put in the party and work for him.

Said one party man:

“We bank on the masses who demonstrated their unflinching love to us during our campaigns to them across the state. They are the ones that would vote not any political structure and let me tell you that people are now wiser, because the so called political structure only benefits few.

‘Let me also remind you of the last local government election in this state when we in the opposition party caused political upset for them in the ruling party before it was rigged, so this time around we are good to go, and with God on our side victory is ours in 2019″

As the 2019 election date draws closer, time will tell who will occupy the Ahmadu Bello government house in ilorin.




source: Vanguard