‘Advent of electric car not a threat to new refineries’

Sat Nov 2nd, 2019 - Bayelsa


President of Azikel Petroleum, which is building a refinery in Bayelsa State, Dr. Eruani Azibapu Godbless, is optimistic that the advent of electric cars would not threaten the use of hydrocarbons to fuel engines, saying most countries have not advanced to the point where they could totally rely on electricity for cars, engine boats, ships, vessels, etc, more so as hydrocarbons are still being used to generate electricity, which is in short supply in many countries.

The world is gradually thinking of electric cars, de-emphasising the use of fuel (hydrocarbons). Does this worry you even as you go into petroleum refining?
It is a cause for concern, generally in the world, especially in the oil and gas sector, but hydrocarbons are quite abundant in our region and we have not advanced to the extent at which we can totally rely on electric for cars or electric cars.

We would continue to make use of what is available today, which is oil and gas. The Nigerian economy is still and will for some time continue to be largely driven by hydrocarbons. So, the advent of electric car is not a threat to new refineries.

Also, Nigeria’s power generation and distribution capacities at the moment are not very sufficient and efficient. That is why we have a lot of supplementary energy from gas.




source: Guardian