#Askdavido: Money, record deal, endorsement, top questions Nigerians ask Davido

Wed Jan 9th, 2019 - Akwa Ibom

Victor Ogunyinka

If you have to ask David Adedeji Adeleke, also known as Davido, also known as OBO (Omo Baba Olowo, that is son of a wealthy man) a question, what would it be?

David Adeleke, aka Davido

Let’s be honest, money-related question won’t be far from your lips, but why not? after all, there is N30 billion for the account…

On Wednesday, Davido tweeted #Askdavido and boom, the questions start coming from left, right and centre… but as expected, it was predictable for Nigerians, what else do you expect from Nigeria overtakes India as world’s poverty capital — Report

Nigerians were all out and it wasn’t long before the requests start overriding each other.

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You see for yourself…

The money seekers


#Askdavido @iam_Davido I need an iPhone 😭😭😭😭😭, my iPhone 7+ got stolen in the mosque pic.twitter.com/FxqziJ9tMb

— Suleiman Faruk (@sulexxx___) January 9, 2019

#Askdavido baba I need money 6k. I used my jamb fee add money to buy ur concert ticket.. Baba jamb don come out and money no dey…

— Adealubarika Ibrahim (@Adealubarika298) January 9, 2019

Why is Davido not replying me is it because I asked for money? #Askdavido

— oluyemi ‘tola (@oluyemii_tola) January 9, 2019

@iam_Davido Choose one:
– Give me chioma for one day
-Transfer 1m to my Aza 0449367578 gtb akinola isaac ademola #Askdavido

— Ademola Isaac (@isaacoo__) January 9, 2019

The career chasers

For the love I have for Davido I opened a Bread Bakery with his name on it💟 @iam_Davido #Askdavido pic.twitter.com/cq1WOvTzzU

— Harphiz (@Harphiz_) January 9, 2019

#Askdavido I can see you have no female under your team after Lola rae, can you have me as your female road manager or can you employ me under the team to be wardrobe manager for the boys? Thank you for accepting me in advance🤗

— Falilat (@Falilatt_) January 9, 2019

#Askdavido, @iam_Davido please when would you begin signing people like me into the gang?

I could add a whole lot of flavour to music videos!! pic.twitter.com/ZKhceVXa3S

— Yoga Queen (@miabassey) January 9, 2019

Davido can you please help my musical carrier, I want help abeg #askdavido pic.twitter.com/QSWKg8FgEe

— Craine Bellion (@BellionCraine) January 9, 2019

And the trollers

Why are you people not asking him why him and his team hating on wiz so much ? Or is he dodging that question LOL 😂 #Askdavido

— Terry (@Terrybrainz) January 9, 2019

Wizkid fans always make Wizkid trend but 🐸🐸 always pays influencers to make him trend. Bald desperate naija turtle 🐢 #Askdavido pic.twitter.com/2KVyQl2s6V

— Tessy Hyzeek (@TessyHyzeek) January 9, 2019

Lol. 😂 The current @iam_Davido Is a fake, the real davido died after singing skelewu. @iam_Davido Is Jubril davido… I have prove 😂 #Askdavido pic.twitter.com/68t9ysljOd

— That Akwa Ibom Chic (@Tipsy_bae) January 9, 2019

In the end, they have their say and OBO will always have his way.




source: Vanguard