At WTM London, participants seek ways of tackling climate change

Sat Nov 9th, 2019 - Nationwide

Kevin Anderson

The ongoing 40th edition of World Travel Market (WTM) London began with a session exploring Decarbonising Travel and Tourism: Is the Industry Doing Enough?

Speaking by video before the main panel, climate scientist professor Kevin Anderson laid out the scale of the challenge. He said that since the first IPCC report into climate change, there has been almost three decades of “abject failure” to reduce our emissions.

“If we include our international emissions, such as from aviation, shipping, imports and exports, we see that supposedly climate progressive nations such as the UK and Scandivian countries have actually made almost no progress,” said Anderson.He added that since tourism is an industry that is more of a luxury than many others, and one that is enjoyed more by the wealthier members of society, therefore it should look to lead much more than it currently does, calling on the industry to eliminate all carbon within a decade.




source: Guardian