Beyond establishing disability commission

Fri Dec 27th, 2019 - Ekiti

Joint National Association of Persons Living with Disabilities (JONAPWD), Ekiti State chapter, has appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to sign the Disability Bill into law.

Is establishment of a national disability commission necessary an end or a means to an end as far as commitment to the welfare and security of the physically challenged people in Nigeria? Answer to this question is necessary to deepen understanding about what the physically challenged need to be proud as citizens of Africa’s most populous country.

Often in our clime, persons living with disabilities (PLWDs) are looked at with disdain and disgust, which also affects our reasoning and dealings with them in the public space. This may not be unconnected with the culture that looks down on vulnerable people.

Thus, over the years, collectively as a nation and individually as citizens, we have been discriminating against Persons with Disabilities; having not been very empathic with their plight sometimes because of some superstitious beliefs. This is a characteristic of an indecent society.




source: Guardian