DTHA PDP primaries: Group protests Warri South Constituency 11 result

Sun Oct 14th, 2018 - Delta

The Urhobos of Warri under the aegis of Warri Urhobo Movement for Democracy, have protested against the results of the recent Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Warri South Constituency 11, Delta State House of Assembly primaries .

In a statement signed by Comrade Samuel Aghogovbia and Comrade Onokurefe Akpos (Chairman and Secretary of the group, respectively, it asserted that the outcome of the primaries was not a true reflection of the wish of PDP Warri Urhobo members, alleging that it was influenced by some leaders in the corridors of power in favour of their chosen aspirant in clear disregard to the leadership of PDP Warri Urhobo leaders.

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While alleging that a PDP chieftain in the area lied to PDP delegates that Governor Okowa endorsed the purported winner of the primaries in the constituency, the group in the statement recalled that former Governor James Ibori in his road map to peace which it explained was aimed at balancing the political imbalance against the Warri Urhobos, apportioned Warri South Constituency 1 to the Itsekiris and Warri South Constituency 11 to the Warri Urhobos and that after the exit of Chief Ibori from office, the PDP Itsekiris made several attempts during former Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan’s regime to snatch the Warri South Constituency 11 from the Warri Urhobos to no avail.

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According to the statement, Warri South Constituency 1 is comprised of Agbarha Warri communities of Okurode (popularly called Ekurede Urhobo), Ogunu, Otovwodo (Agbassa), Ukpokiti and Oteghele” in spite of this, the Warri Urhobos have never contested the DTHA seat in Warri South Constituency 1, whereas Itsekiris PDP have taken over Warri South Constituency 11 from the Urhobos, with the outcome of the primaries”

While expressing their continuous and total support for Governor Okowa and the PDP, the group expressed fear that PDP fielding an unpopular candidate against the All Progressives Congress popular candidate may adversely affect the fortunes of the party in the house of assembly election of the constituency in 2019, insisting that PDP Itsekiri leaders influenced the said primaries and that they(Itsekiri PDP leaders) have no say on elections matters in Warri South Constituency 11.

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The statement therefore appealed to Governor Okowa and the Delta PDP heirachy to as matter of urgency call on all the aspirants in the contest and the Warri Urhobos PDP leaders to put their house in order for the party to win the DTHA election in Warri South Constituency 11 and deliver Governor Okowa in 2019.




source: Vanguard