Fade Ogunro to revolutionise young entrepreneurs,  Pan-African marketplace with bookings Africa

Sat Nov 9th, 2019 - Lagos

Eric Otieno. Business Development Manager, Kenya Bookings Africa.Com (left), Uzo Akumah, General Manager, Bookings Africa.Com, Fade Ogunro CEO/Founder Bookings Africa.Com, Saada B. Abdalla. Country Manager, Kenya, Bookings Africa.Com and Tshque Harcharan. Country Manager, South Africa Bookings Africa.Com in Lagos…recently

As the world becomes even more of a global village, many Nigerian and African youths are more and more, looking for revolutionary and edge-cutting ways to explore and profit from this with the use of technology.

This is even as technology has taken over most and heavily influenced how we do things. Buying and selling goods and services have been made even simpler with the use of technology, for example. It is in light of this fact that new entrant into space, Bookings Africa, a leading pan-African marketplace has leveraged technology to disrupt and revolutionise how talent in the lifestyle, entertainment and media industries across Africa is sourced.

Founder and CEO, Fade Ogunro, announced the launch of the app and the successful completion of the company’s latest fundraising round. She divulged that Bookings Africa’s mission is to unlock the earning potential of young entrepreneurial Africans and monetise their latent skillset. Through the app, users can search for a variety of talent, compare their transparent prices, book online, pay securely and provide ratings and reviews for services across Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya.




source: Guardian