Funbi Funbi in Voice of Love, a new wedding game

Wed Dec 30th, 2020 - Kwara

Talented standup comedian and on-air personality, Funbi Funbi, recently gave his large audience something to talk about, which was also recorded in a video that has now gone viral on social media. It is a wedding game titled, Voice of Love, which he put together this December in Lagos.

In the game, the bride is asked to back the guests and face the decorated dais while her husband and the groom’s men stand a distance behind her, also backing the crowd. The MC passes the microphone to the groom and his men.

Each, on the side of the groom, is asked to say a particular sentence, one after the other, including the groom. The bride is left to decipher, which voice belongs to her husband so that the owner of the voice comes forward to kiss her.


Then Funbi Funbi asks the groom and his men to call the bride by her name and ask, “How are you?” If the owner of the voice picked happens not to be the husband, the bride will be left at the mercy of her guests.

This game was played during the wedding reception to test the intimacy between the couple, and also to entertain their guests. Before Funbi Funbi’s Voice of Love, there have been few other games masters of ceremonies used to elate wedding receptions. There is the ‘Shoe Game’, used to know how well couples understand one another’s temperament. There is also the ‘Blindfold Game’ in which either the bride or the groom is blindfolded and asked to identify their spouses by touching their bodies and clothes.

Speaking on how he arrived at creating this new game, Funbi Funbi said, “to be honest, I just wanted something different from the usual games people know or play in weddings. So, while I was waiting and praying in the car before the event, the idea dropped into my mind. I liked it and mastered it over time. Then I had to post this particular one before people start stealing it.” Funbi Funbi is from Kwara State. Presently, he works as an on-air personality with Naija FM 102.7 and BEAT FM 99.9.




source: Guardian