Getting peace back to Jos

Thu Jul 12th, 2018 - Abuja (FCT)

I still cannot fathom why the security agencies failed to pre-empt the trouble makers by making a loud presence all the way from Angle dee to Kuru down to Vom, Riyom. The mere heavy presence of the security agencies even without firing a shot would have doused the brewing trouble and assuaged the situation. As this was not done, innocent lives were needlessly lost. I still feel the pain of the parents of Zayyanu Shallah, a staff of the Nigerian Communication Commission, and his friend Zayyanu Gwandu who were on their way from Bauchi to Abuja and were unaware of the so-called reprisals killings being perpetrated on the road going out of Jos. Their lives were snuffed out in very gruesome circumstances. Many others who just happened to be on that highway were brutally set upon, killed and set on fire.

It is a terrible setback to all the efforts that the state government and all those well-meaning citizens of Jos have put up in the last two, three years. But they should not relent. Their efforts have worked even if it was for a brief period. Nevertheless, it showed what was possible and that with continuous engagement among the communities, old enmities and recriminations can be eroded. And with a government that stands above the fray dealing fairly and equitably with all its citizens a lot can be achieved. What needs to be done now will be to redouble the efforts and continue on the same path. Jos deserves to return to its pride of place.




source: Vanguard