‘I want to utilize artisans here and empower them’

Sat Nov 9th, 2019 - Lagos

Dr Liza Egbogah

With a Pharmacology degree from the University of Alberta, Canada, Dr. Liza Egbogah is a Doctor of Chiropractic, manual osteopath, myofascial release expert and personal trainer. When she’s not treating celebrities such as Jamie Foxx, Liev Schreiber, Gerard Butler, Emmanuelle Chriqui and Jeremy Renner, Dr. Liza deploys her holistic and innovative approach for treating chronic pain, injuries, stress, fatigue and tension on clients at the [fix], her stylish and modern boutique clinic in Toronto’s Financial District. In this interview with CHUKS NWANNE, the popular TV host, who was at the just-concluded Lagos Fashion Week, spoke on the Nigerian fashion industry and her plans to impact the sector through her brand.

As a Nigerian living abroad, what’s your Nigerian story?
Well, both of my parents were born here in Nigeria. However, I myself, I’ve never lived here, but in the last year alone, I’ve been here four times. Always, the culture, especially fashion and music, has been integral in my decisions and my lifestyle. And now, having attained success in North America, it’s time to come home and give back to my heritage. If you go to Canada, when there’s an event or I’m doing a TV show, I’m always wearing Nigerian fashion and trying to shine a good light on Nigeria. Unfortunately, when you are in Canada or the US, most of the things you hear about Nigeria are not positive. So, by shinning light on the fashion, music and things people see as positive, which they can relate to, it shows a positive light that Nigerians are talented and smart people. And you have this woman here, who is on TV; she’s an expert in posture and she’s Nigerian.

Beyond attending the 2019 Lagos Fashion Week, what’s your mission in Nigeria this time?
I’m here for the Lagos Fashion Week, one of the biggest fashion weeks in the world actually. But I’m here not just to observe, look at the streets and the runway, but also to find artisans here to work with in Nigeria so that I can develop my Ankara shoe line for next year. By doing that, not only will I utilize artisans here and empower them, but also I will help women-focused charities in Nigeria by giving back proceeds from the collection.




source: Guardian