It’s dangerous to tell lies

Sun Dec 9th, 2018 - Delta

By Pastor Oloruntimilehin Joshua Daramola

There are lots of things that lie on people. It is not only human being that lie. Money, clothes and other material things do lie on people. Imagine a person has good clothes at home but decided to wear a ca-sual cloth that is less important.

•Pastor Daramola

Suddenly he rushed out to glance at what was happening outside his home, and then he or she saw a respectable and honourable person. He or she felt ashamed to be seen by that person in that dress. The casual cloth had lied on him or her. Your biological child will lie on you.

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A child that is well train-ed can lie on his or her parent when he or she misbehaves in the presen-ce of your visitor. To person whom you have shown that you have train-ed your child very well. The misbehavior of the child in the presence of your guest might be out of his or her annoyance despite being a well trained child.

The child had disappointed the parent and put them to shame. He or she had lied against the parent. Ano-ther example is money. It can lie on you when you need to buy food for breakfast and there is none. Also when your child request for school fees and you starts preserving him or her one way or the other without providing the fee, the money lied on you because you had no money. I fervently pray that money will not lie on us in the name of Jesus.

All of these are material wealth that lies on people. But human being lied on their fellow human being. Some people emphati-cally tell lies on people and give false witness and other people would believe in the lies.

A lot of people are victims of lies and false witness is languishing in jail, some executed by firing squad. In the name of Jesus people will not lie on us and our wives, husband and children. The most severe of lies is the ones that the principalities of the world do.

Any person that these principalities tell lies against can never be free. Some people that do not have witchcraft would confess that he or she has it. it is the principalities to spiritually induced the person to do the confession.

It is possible for God to give you the power to overcome the implication of the principalities of this world. But I want people to know they exist and commit wicked acts by implication. Imagine Joseph would not have overcome the conse-quence of the implication of the Portiphar’s wife.

In fact he would have died in jail if not for God his matter (Genesis 39:11–21). God showed him kind-ness and granted him favour in the eye of the warder. I fervently prayed that those that are suff-ering under as a result of wrong implication and false witness shall see the kindness and favour of God wherever they may be in the name of Jesus.

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Brethren, let people be wary of persons that lie on people and those that falsely implicate people. Proverb 19:5 “A false wit-ness will not go unpuni-shed and he who pours out lies will not go free” 19:9 “… and he who pours out lies will perish”.

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source: Vanguard