Lagos residents storm markets, banks ahead of today’s market closure

Thu Mar 26th, 2020 - Lagos

The market surge was expectedly intense yesterday. It was like preparing for Armageddon as Lagos residents trooped out en-masse, besieging every food commodity marts and stores in a last-minute effort to stock up as the figures of COVID-19 confirmed cases keep climbing.

As at Wednesday morning, March 25, the state has recorded 30 positive tests of coronavirus out of 46 confirmed cases in Nigeria and about 1,800 persons are currently under watch by government’s medical team while 40 to 50 are carried out daily.

The upsurge in the number of persons visiting banks, pharmacies, superstores and markets followed the Lagos State government’s directive on Tuesday that all open markets and stores should be closed except for sellers of food and medicines.

Expectedly, prices of consumables and other goods, including transport fares astronomically went up, with some food communities already out of stock by midday. The Guardian check across some major markets revealed that the major food market in the state, Mile 12, was partially closed.




source: Guardian