Magu’s misinformation

Thu Mar 26th, 2020 - Zamfara

Sir, In the natural order of newsworthiness, the higher the standing of a public officer, the more heft his words would have and consequently the more damage they can cause. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) recently found itself scrambling into a damage limitation operation over comments attributed to its Chairman Ibrahim Magu who allegedly said that the deadly coronavirus sweeping many countries of the world was a result of corruption. Now, whether Magus said it or not would remain an object of debate in a country where the wide reach of social media has spread the epidemic of fake news like wild fire.

This epidemic can, however, be no justification for the much-maligned Social Media Bill. In that bill, Nigerians can clearly hear the voice of their enemies. The storm around Magu`s alleged linking of the coronavirus to corruption brings to mind a former Governor of Zamfara State who was overwhelmed by the scourge of meningitis then rampaging the State attributed it to sin.




source: Guardian