Maoludi: Cleric charges Muslims on good conduct, selflessness

Fri Dec 8th, 2017 - Ogun

Founder and Chief Missioner (Worldwide), of Zawiyatul-Sofwatur-Rahmatil-Islamiyyat (ZASRAM), Ota, Ogun State, Sheikh Abdur-Razaq Abdul-Hameed Onaolapo Animashaun Kasolayo, has urged Muslims across the country to emulate Prophet Muhammad’s good conduct and acts of selflessness.

The Osun State born cleric made the call recently in his message during his organisation’s a programme to commemorate the birth of the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad bn Abdullahi (SAW).

Kasolayo pointed out that, the exemplary character of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), guaranteed peaceful co-existence, socio-political stability and religious harmony during his reign as the leader of the Muslim Ummah (Community) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The cleric reminded that, “The Almighty Allah was so pleased with his character that he described him in the glorious Qour’an as the best of character among the people.”

He therefore urged the Muslims across the country to imbibe the conduct of selflessness, love for others, compassion for fellow huma beings, good leadership, obedience to constituted authorities, tolerance and kindness to the less privilege in the society.

The concerned ZASRAM Imam, who said God has blessed Nigeria abundantly so much that hunger, poverty and hardship should not have had a place in the nation’s lexicon however lamented that, selfishness and bad leadership had regrettably put the country in a total mess so much that hunger has reduced the citizenry to mere walking corpses.

While praying for those in the helms of affairs in the country for God guidance, Kasolayo also urged them to have a change of hearts towards the masses reminding them that, positions of authority is a trust from God on which they will render account of stewardship to their Creator on the day of reckoning.




source: Vanguard