Moving from privilege to purpose (2)

Sun Feb 9th, 2020 - Kaduna

God is always purposeful! In the last edition, we discussed intensively on the supremacy of God. He is the only authority in the entire universe that finishes planning for a cause, a purpose before He brings it to existence.
Lesson: Though bright and beautiful, live-coal is a dangerous gift.

An earthly father, notwithstanding the depth of his love for his child, cannot grant him the request for a live-coal. That child might as well cry his or her eyes out in the process of asking for such a gift. But the father, knowing that granting the request would untimely burn and disfigure the skin of his precious child, would deny the request. It doesn’t mean the father no longer loves his child.

Sometimes, a father’s refusal to grant the tearful pleas of his child is a deep demonstration of his love for him. Every ‘’yes’’ or ‘’no’’ respone to our prayers is a perfect pointer to our father’s willingness to love us, though we may not know it at the material time.

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If you were to have all of our requests granted by our earthly fathers, we would indeed die faster than God intends for us. And most fathers knowing this, say ‘’no’’ when necessary in order to prolong the lives of their offsprings! Likewise, every of God’s instruction to us – to do or to refrain – is indeed for our own good and is in line with his purpose for us.

The fact that God does everything for a purpose can be explained with the creation story in Genesis 1 and 2. In that story, the earth was said to be void {that is empty}. So God had to create things to fill up the emptiness. In the same vein, there was all over the earth at that time untold darkness; so God began creation with the creation of light to dismiss the pervading darkness.

We are told in the scripture that “….The light shone upon the darkness and the darkness could not stand the light ….’’ (John 1-5). The purpose of the light was to fight and overcome the darkness. Every of God’s creation has its peculiar duty in this world. This duty or assignment is what we shall refer throughout this volume as The Purpose.

When God created man, He handed him his purpose for existence – to represent God in administering the earth. In order for man to execute his duties, God gave him the authority and power over everything He Had created and for him to exercise dominion over every created thing without hindrance. (Psalms 8:3-8; Genesis-29)

The redemption of man by God further illustrates that every of God’s action is purpose-driven. Even a casual study of the process of our salvation reveals the planned purposes of God which will be discussed in our next edition. God bless you.




source: Vanguard