New permutations on the plateau: Useni versus Lalong

Wed May 9th, 2018 - Plateau

The seeming desperation and permutations of the PDP it is said could flow from the determination to confront Governor Lalong headlong.

The governor is himself not standing idly waiting for the PDP to consume his second term ambition.

Even before he declared his second term aspiration last month, the governor was endorsed for a second term by the APC Elders Council.

Last month when he declared his second term aspiration among party stakeholders he was received with rapturous approval even though party officials were quick to say that did not mean he had been endorsed.

The governor, however, has his challenges within the party and outside. Lalong is flayed for seemingly giving over the state to the Hausa Fulani minority in the state; he is particularly accused of giving sensitive portfolios including local governments and information before now, to the Hausa Fulani.

The accusations against Lalong, however, do not take into consideration the fact that at the coming of the APC to the Plateau before the 2015 elections, that the Hausa/Fulani were the first to identify with the party. They as such took up most of the critical offices in the party.

The governor is as such not oblivious of the fact that the indigenes voted for him mainly to protest Jang’s decision to present his tribesman, Senator GNS Pwajok as his successor.

Governor Lalong’s moves to present himself as a true Plateau man and not as a protégée of the Hausa Fulani is, however, not being helped by the fact that the majority non-Hausa Fulani now identifying with him want to take prominence in the party.

Ahead of this weekend’s congresses, the governor it was learnt directed that all party officials be returned, a decision that has been received with mixed feelings among the non-Hausa Fulani population who want to take more prominence in the party.

The apparent match-up between Useni and Lalong is, however, not a settled matter as there are still musings from the two parties against the two men.

Governor Lalong is also not also free from internal competition. His perennial foe, Solomon Dalung it is said, is also working his scheme to ensure that the governor does not get the party’s ticket.




source: Vanguard