No rift between Alake and Olota - Lanre Bashorun

Mon Feb 10th, 2020 - Ogun

Recently, there have been heated tensions, disagreements between a host of communities in Ogun State. These issues have since caused tension in major parts of the state, particularly between the communities and their leaders.

In this emailed interview with The Guardian, Seriki of Otta Lanre Bashorun speaks about Ogun politics, government, governance, power-tussle among traditional rulers, the supremacy battle of the Yewas, Egbas and Awori descendants and the rumoured rift between Alake and Olota.

What is the unifying factor and differences among divisions in Ogun State, especially traditional leaders?

The major factor the state government felt they did to unify the traditional council or division is the major factor that is causing the biggest unrest within the traditional institutions. The lumping of people with different heritage, language, culture and tongue together to make a single traditional council is a huge problem. It feels like we are sitting on a keg of gun powder. Let me be clear, in politics and other fields it is possible to group people together as the government wishes but not traditionally.

The typical example is the continuous marginalisation of the Aworis by subjecting them to be under some alien traditional council that is not the same with their life and living is just big trouble.

You can not put a tiger and a dog in a cage and put the tail of the tiger on the hand of a dog, it is an invitation to acrimony.
Mind you am limiting myself to the traditional institution’s situation because that’s the field at which you approached me.




source: Guardian