Police brutality against female lawyers that unsettles Enugu

Sun Feb 9th, 2020 - Enugu

What could have provoked the beating of a female lawyer to the point of coma inside her office by four police officers? Was it actually her refusal to provide an alleged victim that she had accompanied to the police station some days earlier to report a rape case, and for which involved parties had indicated interest to settle? Why did the police desire quick settlement and drafted four officers to hunt a female lawyer and ensure she was brought to the station?

These are, perhaps, some of the nagging questions the Okey Ambrose- led Panel of Enquiry, set up by the Commissioner of Police, Enugu, to investigate circumstances leading to the attack of female lawyers attached to a human rights organisation— Women Aid Collective (WACOL) will provide answers in the next couple of days.

Reports said the four police officers, dressed in mufti – two males and two females— had stormed the New Haven office of the non-governmental organisation, reputed for championing the rights of the vulnerable, especially women and girls on January 30, this year, and gave the members of staff the beating of their life.




source: Guardian