Prof. Chiroma as DG, Law School rekindles hope for legal profession

Thu May 17th, 2018 - Enugu

The Council of Legal Education, the Nigerian Bar Association and the entire legal profession have only paid lip service for many years, to the subject of legal education in Nigeria. The Bar has actually been disinterested and yet the Bar dreams of reforming the legal profession.

Prof. Isa Chiroma as the new Director-General, Nigerian Law School and the alter-ego of the Council of Legal Education is in a great position, and he has the knowledge, experience, and competence to set a new conversation on legal education in Nigeria and set a new bar for the future of the legal profession.

If we do not reform legal education in Nigeria, we will never be able to reform the legal profession.

Prof. Isa Chiroma’s presence in this discussion now brings hope, great hope.

Prof Ernest Ojukwu, SAN, Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association, Future State of the Legal Profession sub-committee of the Legal Profession Review and reform Committee; Immediate Past Deputy Director-General and Head Nigerian Law School Augustine Nnamani Campus Enugu




source: Vanguard