Reinventing NDDC: President Buhari serves them a la carte menu

Thu Nov 7th, 2019 - Akwa Ibom

The Niger Delta States of Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Delta and Bayelsa despite getting huge amounts as derivation fund from the federation account for many years – higher than all other states in Nigeria, are plagued by rural poverty so unprecedented, suffers from unimaginable environmental degradation, social services are almost absent, educational structures in the rural areas are appalling, and many ills that space will not permit.

Various Commissions (Oil Minerals Producing and Development Commission (1992), the Niger Delta Development Commission (2000) and, Ministry of Niger Delta (2008), set up to address the issues of lack of potable drinking water, good roads and electricity supply etc. have all failed the people in the Delta.

Most of the persons on the board of public agencies were recommended by ‘higher uppers’ in the society. The protégé in office becomes blind to the future and worships his benefactor ignoring the will of state and by extension the people for whom policy thrust are designed to help.Surprisingly, Nigerians are more tolerant of failed public institutions than they would – with private institutions like the telecommunication companies.




source: Guardian