Renewed calls on Buhari to sign Electoral Amendment Act 2018 into law

Wed Jan 15th, 2020 - Bayelsa

President Buhari. Photo; TWITTER/NIGERIAGOV

• Kano’s Patriotic Citizens urge him to address issues in last guber election
When President Muhammadu Buhari recently warned politicians interested in contesting the 2023 general elections to work hard because he would not allow electoral malpractices, many Nigerians took his statement with a pinch of salt. He warned those who may be planning to use their offices or security agencies to subvert the will of the people to have a rethink because he would not allow them to have their way. However, his warning did not also go down well with several stakeholders, who believe that the Buhari administration made a lot of vague promises in the past that were not fulfilled.

One of the major factors that made many of Buhari’s critics to dismiss his promises of ensuring free, fair and credible elections in 2023 was the refusal of Buhari to sign the Electoral Act Amendment Bill 2018 into law for the 2019 general elections. It is yet to be seen what excuses he would give again when the Senate finishes with the bill’s processes and sends it to him again for accent.

His critics also doubt his sincerity in ensuring free, fair, and credible election in 2023 on the ground that not a single election conducted since his government came to power in 2015 has had a semblance of credibility using the Ekiti, Kogi, Bayelsa States’ polls as examples and the controversial rerun 2018 governorship election of Osun State where the major opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was in a clear lead before the wheel was reinvented through ‘inconclusive’ election.




source: Guardian