Sanction senators who endorsed Omo-Agege’s suspension —Delta Central APC

Mon Apr 16th, 2018 - Delta

By Emmanuel Aziken, Political Editor

All Progressives Congress, APC, in Delta Central has condemned the suspension of Senator Ovie Omo-Agege and asked the national leadership of the party to sanction APC senators who endorsed the action.

The Delta Central populated by the Urhobo said the suspension was a violation of the rights of the people to quality representation as they quarrelled with the basis of the suspension of their senator.

Ovie Omo Agege,

Addressing a caucus of the APC and other Urhobo following the suspension, chairman of APC in Delta Central, Olorogun Adelabu Bodjor, said: “What took place in the National Assembly and the suspension of the senator representing the Urhobo people in the National Assembly, has again called to question the affairs of the Senate. Our Senator has been providing quality representation to the people of Delta Central and we are proud of him.

“By suspending him, if the Senate leadership thinks that it will deter him, they are wrong. The Urhobo nation is solidly behind him, we believe in him and we will give him all our support at any time and any day in this whole process.”

We therefore, pass a vote of confidence in the distinguished Omo-Agege. We still believe that he will bounce back better and stronger than his distractors in the National Assembly.

“But we want to say here and very emphatically, that Urhobo nation will never tolerate any act of political intimidation and threat to our Senator who we overwhelmingly voted for to represent us in the National Assembly. The primary responsibility of Omo-Agege in the National Assembly is to provide quality representation to the people of Delta Central and attract the dividends of democracy to the Urhobo people and that he has been doing excellently well since we cast our votes for him to the Senate.”

Olorogun Bodjor condemning the APC senators who joined the move against Omo-Agege, he said: “It is a shame that the party has the leadership of the National Assembly but it has decided to stand the morals of good leadership on its head and has also decided to take the party that brought them to power on a roller-coaster.

“We call on the national leadership of the party to call the members of the party at the National Assembly to order before they take the party down the cliff hanger. The national lawmakers got the mandate of the people of Nigeria to make enduring laws that will better the lot of Nigerians and the future generation of our children in general. They were not voted for go and feather their own nests and engage in selfish activities to the detriment of good governance for the entire Nigerian people.”




source: Vanguard