Security: NPC promises adequate protection for Nigerians

Mon Jan 8th, 2018 - Ebonyi

The Nigerian Peoples Congress (NPC), one of the newly registered political parties, on Monday said that when it comes to power it would ensure adequate protection of lives and properties of Nigerians.

“The primary duty of every government is to protect the lives and properties of its citizens,’’ Mr Oko Ewa-Enyim, the Chairman in Ebonyi, told newsmen while inaugurating its new state executives.

“Therefore NPC-led government, if elected into various political offices in the 2019 general elections will make security is its topmost priority as enshrined in the motto of the party.’’

Ewa-Enyim, who was reacting to the spate of killings in most parts of the country, especially from herdsmen and the news of abduction and kidnapping on daily tabloids, said the party has not been contaminated and would therefore, effectively execute its security programme.

“We will use the freshness of our party to collaborate with all security agencies in checking the myriad of factors which had hamper the efficient discharge of their duties.

“The primary duty of every government is to protect the lives and properties of its citizens and the NPC-led government will make security its topmost priority as enshrined in our motto.

“We will ensure that security agencies are adequately equipped and remunerated, while their activities will be properly monitored to check deficiencies as it is being currently witnessed.

“The calls for unity from various segments of the country will continue to be a mirage except the people feel secure in any part of the country they reside,’’ he said.

The party chairman assured Nigerians of good governance, security, growth and development of the country if given the opportunity to rule.

“We will ensure that only credible people occupy various political positions in the country which will be equitably spread to check rancour and agitations.

“Our party will run a transparent government to offer the electorate the opportunity of contributing to the nation’s governance,’’ he said.

Ewa-Enyim urged Nigerians not lose hope in the political dispensation in the country, but ensure that new parties were given the chance to “right the wrongs’’ of those that had led the country.

He noted that the party had demonstrated its belief in internal democracy by appointing credible individuals to occupy its various executive positions until it holds its congress.

“We will ensure that the positions are equitably spread across the three senatorial zones of the state to ensure that all segments are represented in our schemes.

“We will immediately inaugurate officers in the local government areas and ensure that all development centres in the state are adequately represented in the councils’ leadership,’’ he said.





source: Vanguard