Singapore cautions public, clubs ahead of lockdown

Wed Mar 25th, 2020 - Imo

Singapore Police, on Wednesday, said it would patrol Singaporean bars and nightclubs staging “farewell” events, ahead of a government-enforced shutdown due to coronavirus.

A joint statement on Wednesday by Singapore’s Police, Tourism Ministry and Enterprise Board warned that operators of events with fewer than 250 participants must implement all necessary precautionary measures.

It also urged the citizens to ensure they keep a distance of at least a metre between all participants and reduce mingling amongst participants.

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After a recent increase in cases of COVID-19, Singapore announced on Tuesday that entertainment venues such as bars, cinemas, discos and theatres would have to close until April 30, though schools and most businesses will remain open.

However, two people had so far died in Singapore after contracting COVID-19.

Meanwhile, the city-state had reported 558 infections, with the Health Ministry stating that 80 per cent of cases confirmed were imported.

Singapore had earlier barred visitors from entry or transit and forcing Singaporeans returning from Britain and the U.S. to be quarantined in hotels for 14 days, the estimated maximum incubation period for the infection.

The Minister of Health, Gan Yong, told Singapore’s parliament that the country cannot be complacent with the deadly coronavirus.





source: Vanguard