Stakeholders count cost of Edo 2020 National Sports Festival postponement

Mon Mar 23rd, 2020 - Edo

Waiting for a new date… athletes have been forced to adjust their programmes by the postponement of the Edo 2020 National Sports Festival.

Many things go into preparation for major international or national competitions. From the preparation of the venues of the event to getting the athletes ready for the competition, the participating teams spend a lot of money, time and other resources to ensure they achieve success.

Cancelling or postponing a competition on the eve of the kick off is athletes and organisers’ nightmare that many pray doesn’t happen. But sometimes, it becomes inevitable that a well-planned competition is halted abruptly in the interest of the larger society.

The current Coronavirus pandemic ravaging all parts of the world has ensured the postponement or outright cancellation of huge gatherings, including sporting events, resulting in huge losses in revenue and other derivatives expected from such events.

Recently, the English Premier League announced that it would lose more than £750 million if the 2019/2020 season is cancelled. The competition, which employs millions of people, including players, coaches, managers, clubs’ staff and others whose businesses are tied to the action on the field of play, was halted when it became obvious that continuing with matches would endanger the lives of not only the players, but also fans and everybody associated with the game. Although some of the costs would be borne by insurance, analysts say there are only a few things insurance can take care of.




source: Guardian