Stop institutionalizing poverty, Catholic priest tells religious institutions

Thu Sep 14th, 2017 - Lagos

By Juliet Ebirim

A Catholic priest, Rev. Father Louis Nwabueze Ezeilo of Catholic Diocese of Awka, has called on religious institutions and “so-called men of God to stop institutionalizing poverty by making people stay in church for 24 hours, thereby encouraging laziness in the name of working for God.”

Father Louis

He stated this during the launch of his book entitled “Who is poor and why? Conceptual Pluralism Approach to Poverty in Nigeria,” at Holy Family Catholic Church, Festac, Lagos.

Ezeilo whose interests border on the issue of poverty and how to create an inclusive environment for a better economic and human development in Nigeria said: “The problem of poverty remains one of the most challenging issues in our world today. Poverty as a global problem affects continents, regions, nations and people in different ways.

“It is also a fact that no nation is absolutely free from poverty. But the difference lies in the prevalence and intensity of this phenomenon in a particular country. That’s why we need to know who is really poor and why and also some of the factors responsible for poverty in the country.”

He, however, added that the government, elite and other institutions enrich themselves under the guise of fighting poverty.




source: Vanguard