The French way — Dr. Igah

Sat Jul 27th, 2019 - Anambra

Dr Emmanuel Igah, Professor of Geopolitics and International Business in IPAG Business School, Paris, France and holder of the French Order of Merit award said,

Dr. Emmanuel Igah

“The lack of women’s inclusion on the list is an insensitive way of dealing with the present time bomb situation.”It is the economy and political situation of a country in which the men have failed in all ramifications.

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And in a country where all hands must be on deck to avert this great looming danger ahead of us. Although President Buhari in the past once said that the women’s place is in the kitchen or in the other room, but we all know that a lot of women are company heads and CEOs; which makes them qualified to be considered also.

Women are more giving, more receptive and they understand better because they know that they are dealing with the future of their children and their brothers. I know, we say it’s a man’s world but it shouldn’t be a gender issue here but about who does the job best or who is more qualified”.

The female nominees include Paulen Tallen of Plateau, a onetime deputy governor, Ramatu Tijani of Kogi, a former APC National Women Leader, Gbemi Saraki of Kwara who is a seasoned lawmaker as well as Sadiya Umar Faruk of Zamfara, Federal Commissioner, and National Commission for Refugees, Migrants and IDPs (NCFRMI).

Others are Ahmed Zariah of Kaduna, former finance minister, Sharon Ikeazor of Anambra, one of the country’s most politically gender friendly states who was the executive secretary of Pension Transitional Arrangement Directorate (PTAD) and Bauchi’s Mariam Katgun who is Nigeria’s Permanent Delegate to the UN Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation.

I feel they are not serious and are behaving clueless. “The work continues and we hope for the political will to engage with the issues of women and political participation is eventually realized. I am sad”, she concluded.

“The present President of France, Macron had a Movement before his election called ‘LaRem’ short for ‘La Republique en Marche’. He proposed a 50-50 system of Government. Today, in his Cabinet, he has 50-50, the men were given fifty seats and so were the women. If you say that France is a far more advanced country; what about RWANDA? Rwanda is an African country and far smaller than Nigeria.

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Only recently, they recovered from a war that almost wiped them from existence. But they are practicing the same system of Government practiced by France; where they have almost the same men and women on the seats of power. And they are doing fantastic!’

Advising future leaders, he said our women have worked and moved to World Bank not because they lobbied their way but because of merit. “With this as a base; you can tell that these women can do well as Ministers.

Women are pushed to the wall in Nigeria because they do not go to the extreme a s their male counterparts. So the women should also be given a voice so that they can also help resuscitate this country because they feel more and understand better than the men. Most of the Women Ministers in France are doing better than their male counterparts an Nigeria would not be an exception”.





source: Vanguard