The intrigues are not lost on us - Part 2

Wed Feb 12th, 2020 - Delta

President Buhari. Photo: TWITTER/NIGERIAGOV

After President Yar’adua’s demise, his reluctant deputy eventually mounted the saddle. Although a full-blown indigene of the oil and gas surfeited the Niger Delta region, the new president, however, took a different approach to the petroleum resources portfolio. He appointed a substantive minister, and before long the minister proved to be both self-inspired and driven.

Apparently being an ex-executive of Shell Petroleum Development Corporation, she presumably knew something of the wheeling and dealing of the industry. She would not brook much interference in her mandate. She soon acquired the sobriquet, “Nigeria’s petroleum empress”.

The oil and gas-merry generals became openly piqued by the seeming Johnny-come-lately. Obasanjo expectedly led the charge to whip the empress onto the line. But the reluctant Commander-in-Chief had been irretrievably taken in by the charming elegant empress. Then, the next possible scenario: regime change – President Goodluck Jonathan has become incompetent.




source: Guardian