The untouchable godfathers

Fri Nov 29th, 2019 - Bayelsa

Out of so many, at least one woman’s political murder pricks the conscience of the Nigerian state. By the orders of President Muhammadu Buhari, the killers of Mrs Salome Abuh, PDP women leader in Kogi State, might be found. You would do well not to keep your fingers crossed, unless you are prepared to risk developing whitlow. High profile killings in the country elicit such official responses that have hardened into a sickening tradition. They ring hollow.

Abuh was not the only person killed before, during and after the election in Kogi and Bayelsa states but she was a high profile politician whose killing would transform her into a piece of soulless statistic. The others who were killed at about the same time with her and were as innocent as she was, have since been reduced to mere statistics. Dead. Forgotten. RIP.

The police, energised I suppose by the presidential order, have bestirred themselves and announced the arrest of six persons in connection with Abuh’s murder. They may or may not be the killers. That would be for the courts to decide. But it is not unusual for the police to go on a fishing expedition and quickly hang high profile murders on some insignificant but luckless fishes caught in their net. In such cases, their nets haul in the foot soldiers, expendable young men paid a pittance to do their masters’ bidding.




source: Guardian