Time for reconciliation, after a vicious fight - Part 2

Fri Jan 8th, 2021 - Abia

So what should be the Terms of Union for Nigeria as Federation of different / distinct ethnic Nationalities or Nations (Hausa-Fulani, Yoruba, Igbo, Kanuri Ibibio Tiv, Edo, Nupe , Ijaw and other smaller population ethnic Nationalities or Nations such as Efik, Urhobo, Itshekiri, Igala, Idoma, Isoko, among others taking into account The Guardian Newspaper Articles namely “Federalism is the Answer after all”, See the British Colonial Census of Nigeria in 1931 for more Details on Nigeria’s ethnic Nationalities,
(3) These are my Suggestions for a True and Sustainable Federation for Nigeria:


(i) Nigeria is a Federation of the ethnic Nationalities as stated above and not of Geographical Regions, nor of Religious Faiths, nor of Administrative Units (current Anambra, Abia, Enugu, Ebonyi and Imo States) for example are Administrative Units of Igbo Federating Unit, (ii) Federal (Central Government should be a Coordinating Centre and not Controlling Centre but should have full Responsibilities for mutually Agreed Common Services such as Foreign Affairs, the Military, the National Currency,, the National Police, National Education Standards not Education Institutions, National Banking, see UK of Great Federation, USA and Canada for more information on the type of Responsibilities of the Central Government in a Federation, (iii) Each Federating Unit or ethnic Nationality or a consenting Federating Unit should have exclusive Responsibility for its Economy, the Land, the Natural Resources within its Domain, the internal Roads, Agricultural Commodities/ Mineral Commodities production and should develop according to its own pace and Resources endowment in competition with other Federating Units, there will be nothing like Federal Character no Quota in Admission to Education Institutions but each Education Institution in Federation must have acceptable international Standards or die a natural death, because there will be no Federal (Central) Government Support, (iv) Natural Resources Matters, shall remain firmly under the respective Federating Units, which have the Responsibility for the Economic Production/ manufacture, (v) The Sharing of National Revenue be in the Ration of Contribution to the National Revenue after deducting of what is required to run the Federal(central) Government which has no Economic Production Base except a Capital Territory, For more Details see the Experience in USA, UK of Great Britain, Canada and European Union and adopt the same, (vi) With the above Terms of Union , Nigeria will become Great Federation and a Powerful Nation at least in Africa (vi) However a Clause should be inserted in the Terms of Union for any Federating Unit who in future want to opt out of the Federation to do so, See Brexit and European Union.


(4) I know how True Federations work because I did my first Under graduate University Studies in the University of Glasgow in Scotland which is a Federation Unit of UK of Great Britain, my first Postgraduate Research Degree in Totonto Ontario Canada, my second post graduate research Degree in Manchester England which is a Federation Unit of UK of Great Britain and a Senior Executive Course in Technology Development Planning in the Academy of Sciences in Moscow Russia which is a Federating Unit USSR Federation. It is this Experience that tells me that what Nigeria calls Restructuring since 1970 has no relationship to any Restructuring into a True and Sustainable Federation and should be discarded for a fresh Start as indicated above.

(5) Above for the Consideration of the Nigeria’s Leadership Elite in Politics and Government dealing with the Restructuring of Nigeria into a True and Sustainable Federation since Federalism is the Answer after all for Nigeria. However, it must be understood that neither the elected President of Nigeria, nor the elected Governors nor the partisan political parties, can restructure Nigeria; only the true representatives of the ethnic Nationalities can do so or by the National Assembly / Sates Assemblies as per the stipulated amendment of the existing Nigerian Constitution. You may wish also to see my Book titled, “Scientific and Technological Innovations in Biafra: the Ogbunigwe Technology Fame, Second Edition, 2017, in particular Chapters II, III and VIII, respectively for more information on Nigeria’s Restructuring Process into a True and Sustainable Federation for Nigeria to have peace and develop unity making economic progress as one stable federation.
Oragwu, FSAN, former senior academic in Physics at UNN, wrote from Lagos.




source: Guardian