Ufot Ekaette: Quintessential servant

Tue Dec 3rd, 2019 - Akwa Ibom

Ufot Ekaette

The 70s must have been the golden era of Nigeria’s public service. That was the era when the Permanent Secretaries most of whom were trained abroad or at the University of Ibadan drew up transformational development plans for the country. They exhibited knowledge, deep knowledge of the development matrix. They exhibited patriotism, deep patriotism that the country needed. They had influence, overarching influence in the affairs of Nigeria.

They came to be named and called Super PermSects. Four of them that I can readily remember were Allyson Ayida, Ahmed Joda, Philip Asiodu and Ime Ebong. They were the movers and shakers of Nigeria’s public service based on their knowledge, the force of their reasoning and argumentation, their ability to assemble facts and figures to support their position or proposal and their readiness for robust forensic battles in their defence. It made decision-taking easy. It made listening to them a happy event. If Ufot Joseph Ekaette had been a Permanent Secretary during the 70s he would have made the grade. He would have earned the stripes of the Super PermSecs.

Ufot Joseph Ekaette was born on April 17, 1939 and attended some of the best schools of that era. Etinan Institute where he did his secondary school course was one of the illustrious institutions established in Akwa Ibom State by Qua Iboe mission. It was there that Ekaette met two other persons with whom he became life-long friends: Bassey Ndiokho and Udo Udo-Aka. These three musketeers were almost inseparable.




source: Guardian