West African traders seek end to international border closure

Fri Feb 14th, 2020 - Nationwide

West African cross border traders under the aegis of the West Africa Association for Cross Border Trade in Agro-Forestry Pastoral and Fisheries Products (WACTAF) have called on the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), to intervene in the Nigerian Government prolonged border closure.

The Group, in a letter to the President, ECOWAS Commission, dated February 8th, 2020, which was obtained by The Guardian, said the border closure has had severe impact on the businesses of its members, who have been forced out of trade for nearly six months now.

The letter, signed by its Second Regional Secretary, Salami Alasoadua, also urged the Nigeria Government to take necessary steps for the release of loaded trucks stuck at various border posts, as their cargoes, particularly perishable items, are rotting away without a ray of hope.




source: Guardian