Wike’s disrespect for ancient stool and the victims

Wed Feb 12th, 2020 - Rivers

One of the odds of the digital age is that even private event readily assumes a global dimension. All it takes is a camera-phone to telecast to the waiting world. And round the clock each day, a deluge of unsolicited messages freely shows up on mobile devices, cutting across narratives, gossips, prayers, corporate begging, preaching and even prophesies of charlatans!

So it was on that laid-back afternoon when this video of concern was shared. Except for the person of the sender, it would had gone unopened as one of those stray junks. Not this one, and what unfolded in the clip was as shocking as it was disturbing.

In the video was the Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike, at the podium addressing an audience of traditional rulers in the State. It was a quarterly meeting of the monarchs and His Excellency was to declare the meeting open. But his prelude to the written speech showed how far down the society has gone in the gross disrespect for culture and tradition, and a very dangerous precedent for the younger generation.




source: Guardian