12 Illegal Miners Killed In Collapsed Gold Mining Pit

Sun May 22nd, 2022 - Niger

Amidst growing concerns over the activities of illegal miners in Niger state, 12 of them have been killed in the collapsed pit of an illegal gold mining site in Takalafiya village along Suleja road in Lapai local government area of Niger state.

LEADERSHIP Sunday gathered that the men were in search of gold when the pit of the illegal open cast mining site collapsed and killed them at the spot.

It was learnt that of the 12 victims, the villagers were able to recover only two bodies while the other ten bodies were completely submerged in the pit.

It was further gathered that the incident occurred when the miners were trying to come out of the pit to separate the gold from the sand.

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A villager confirmed to LEADERSHIP Sunday that the mining site in Takalafiya is the largest in the area and they usually mine gold up to late in the evenings.

The source said, “the incident occurred about 5:30 pm on Friday and the sound of the collapsed pit came with a blast that silenced the entire village. At that time it was obvious that whatever happened was fatal”.

LEADERSHIP Sunday gathered that the fatality rate would have been higher but for the fact that most of the miners, usually in their hundreds, had retired for the day before the pit collapsed.




source: Leadership