2023 presidency: Labour Party will match APC, PDP in all ramifications, emerge victorious for a new Nigeria

Wed Jul 27th, 2022 - Bauchi

The Labour Party (LP) has declared that it is in the race for the 2023 General elections in order to win stressing that it is ready and determined to match any political party that thinks it is big.

The declaration was made by the National Vice Chairman of the Labour Party, North-East, Alh Alkali Mohammed Ibrahim who said that the party has suddenly become a beautiful bride which Nigerians are now trooping to identify with.

Speaking in Bauchi during a stakeholders meeting held on Wednesday, Alkali Mohammed boasted that the membership of the Labour Party is growing each day a development that has made it more popular among Nigerians of all walks of life.

On the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, the National Vice Chairman said that Nigerians have now come to terms with the fact that the country’s leadership needs a positive change which can only be found in him.

He then charged members of the party in Bauchi state to engage in the serious mobilization of people so that during the election, it is going to be a walk-over for the party and all its candidates.

The National Vice Chairman expressed his satisfaction with the way people are keying into the motives of the party in the North East zone assuring that the bulk of votes will come from the zone for the party.

Also speaking, the Deputy National Secretary of the party, Prince Kennedy Chigozie said that “though our party is not built on giving money, that does not mean that we will just fold our arms till the election. We will mobilize, get campaign materials and facilitate the programs”.

He added that “As a political party, we are ready to go shoulder to shoulder with those who call themselves bigger parties. At the end of the general elections, they will lick their wounds while we will be celebrating sweet victory”.

Kennedy Chigozie however urged members of the party to ensure that they got registered and possess their PVCs stressing that, “without the PVC, Labour Party cannot win the election, please, use the remaining days declared by INEC to get registered”.

He assured that “We have set machinery in motion to ensure that the votes Nigerians will cast during the general elections actually counted saying that there will not be room for election results manipulation.

Speaking in the same vein, the Vice Chairman, North, Engnr Zubairu Muhammad stressed the importance of the support groups working together for the same purpose without allowing sentiments among them.

As the Coordinator of all the Peter Obi Support groups, he assured that every group will be treated as very important assuring that as soon as possible, the groups will be brought under one big umbrella for effective coordination.

In his remarks, Dep National Secretary, North-East, Alh Saleh Lawan assured that the Labour Party will not leave any stone unturned in ensuring that the party emerged victorious in the 2023 General elections.

Bauchi State Chairman of the Labour Party, Barr Hassan Saraki assured that the party in Bauchi state is waxing stronger and receiving supporters on a daily basis stressing that in the state, Labour Party is now the party to beat.

He added that all the candidates of the party are notable people who can always deliver their Constituencies to the party.

Chairman of all the Peter Obi support groups in Bauchi State, Elder Abel Musa assured that the groups will continue with their mobilization efforts in order to educate the public on the need to vote for Peter Obi as the next President of Nigeria.




source: Tribune