2023: SDP laments nation’s woes, promises to change narration

Wed Jun 8th, 2022 - Abuja (FCT)

The leadership of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), on Wednesday lamented the multifaceted woes plauging the Nation and pleged to change the narration for better if it wins the presidential seat voted at the forthcoming general elections.

The National Chairman of the party, Alhaji Shehu Musa Gabam while speaking in Abuja at the special National Convention of the Party for the election of its Presidential Candidate in the forthcoming general elections disclosed that this unacceptable condition made the SDP to consider it expedient to present itself to Nigerians as a veritable alternative.

According to him, “in essence, we are advocates of a new initiative in the administration of Nigeria. If given the opportunity to serve, we shall change the face and character of governance in Nigeria.”

Alhaji Gabam who paid tributes to the former National Chairmen of the party, Chief Olu Falae , Professor Tunde Adeniran and Dr Olu Agunloye for laying a solid foundation for it said, “they have set standards that are very difficult to beat. But I am fortunate that I am not a neophyte to politicking and administration having been involved in the formation of political parties, one of which had had the fortune (some say misfortune) of administering our great country. Be that as it may, like to pay tribute to our past National Chairmen as wish them Allah (SWT)’s blessing in their various endeavors.”

According to him, “I stand before you today on this auspicious occasion with patriotic and nationalistic feelings about our country Nigeria, against expectations, Nigerians have come to lose confidence and trust in their leadership.

“Anybody familiar with the history of the country will readily admit that Nigeria at independence in 1960 was looked up to as the last hope of the black-man.

“The First Republic threw up leadership that the world was proud of until military adventurism put paid to their sterling leadership culminating in a prolonged game of musical chairs.

“The Military bequeathed to the country unenviable culture of corruption and undemocratic governance. The 1999 transition from military to civilian rule was heralded with applauses all over the world with the hope that Nigeria would get it right this time around.

“Sadly, the two parties that succeeded the military have left Nigerians with so much to desire from their leaders. It is highly lamentable that our country today is plagued by challenges of corruption, unmitigated lawlessness, gross impunity, spiraling indiscipline, brazen and outrageous security challenges that leave Nigeria paradoxically poor in the midst of God given abundance for our collective progress and prosperity.

It is in this vein that the SDP has considered it expedient to present itself to Nigerians as a veritable alternative. In essence, we are advocates of a new initiative in the administration of Nigeria. If given the opportunity to serve, we shall change the face and character of governance in Nigeria.

The said that the Party was set to elect a presidential flag bearer who would be mandated to pursue its vision of a new Nigeria, presenting to Nigeria a new initiative on how to move the country forward to a destination that all would be proud of. Nigerians and Nigeria should be and indeed tired of unfulfilled promises and dashed hopes are now ready to change their destinies.

According to him, “Nigerians are tired of unending insecurity problems, tired of poverty and want, tired of daily threats to Nigeria’s corporate existence, tired of non-inclusive governance, tired of policies that exaggerate our differences, tired of the daily emigration of our best brains and our youth to better climes. Nigerians are tired of clueless leadership and tired of no electricity in spite of the colossal investments in power generation.

“They crave a land of equal opportunities, social justice, fairness and liberty to pursue their legitimate daily chores without let or hindrances, a land where existence and ability to achieve their hearts’ desires and to contribute their quota to its development is not defined by their identities.

“These and more are the cravings of Nigerians and these can only be achieved under a new initiative that the SDP offers.,

“I together with my team members have spent sleepless nights to organize this convention. Together, we guarantee all aspirants a level playing field in our characteristically transparent manner. We have also empanelled a mediation committee to address any issue that may arise.”

Gabam who said that he party had concluded (indeed met INEC’s deadline), all congresses at the state disclosed he satisfied with the outcomes of the congresses he had not received any adverse reports on the congresses.

On the forthcoming gubernatorial election in Ekiti State, he called on President Muhammad Buhari to ensure a Free playing ground to all the political parties and as well to ensure that every vote counts while all the heads of security forces should ensure that their personnel play according to the rules of the game

Speaking earlier, the Chairman of the Convention Planning Committee, a former governor of Ekiti State and the Candidate of the Party in the June 18 gubernatorial election in the State, Chief Segun Oni said the Committee would conduct a Convention that would be a talk of the Town in the anal of the country as it would lead a new face of democracy in the country.

He urged Nigerians join the moving train of new democracy in Nigeria as the SDP government would provide the needed solution’s to the nation’s multifaceted problems.

On his own the National Secretary of the Party, Dr Agunloye presented a full report on the state of the party which was adopted by the Conversation.

The conversation also ratified the election of the National Executive Committee of the Patty under Alhaji Gabam.

The convention was about going to the election of its Presidential candidate between Candidates, Prince Adewole Adebayo and Princess Khadijat Adamu.




source: Tribune