Abia Illegal Oil Refinery Explosion: Horrendous Nightmare, Mystery

Sun May 15th, 2022 - Abia

In this part of the globe, data and statistics of events on the most simple and common matters or issues in most cases have never been easy to come by, and even when available, they are more often than not never reliable.

Details of last Friday’s fire explosion at the site of an illegal oil refinery at Uzuaku Okohia in Owaza, Ukwa West local government area of Abia State will not be an exception in terms of human and material losses, environmental degradation, and pollution.

LEADERSHIP Weekend checks show that while three persons reportedly died at the scene of the incident, seven others reportedly died in the hospital.

Due to the extent of the disaster, their remains were allegedly buried the following day obviously in a bid to avert questing and possible arrests of their family members by the authorities. This is even as the checks also pointed to some of them who are operating there allegedly being complicit.

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A source who pleaded not to be mentioned in print, said the victims may have included the workers, dealers of the products waiting for supplies, and even bystanders.

The illegal refinery, measuring about the size of a football field located in an expansive palm fruit plantation on the outskirts of the community, suffered extensive damage. Similarly, unquantified property, especially tools and equipment used for the illegal refining were destroyed.

Considering the proximity of the illegal refinery to a security post, one cannot fail to have a second thought about the alleged complicity of the crime in Uzuaku Community.




source: Leadership