Amotekun will serve all ethnic groups ― DG DAWN Commission

Thu Jan 23rd, 2020 - Abuja (FCT)

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Shina Abubakar, Osogbo

The Director-General of Development Agenda for Western Nigeria, Mr Seye Oyeleye has said, the Western Nigeria Security Network(WNSN) codenamed Amotekun is aimed at protecting all ethnic groups in southwest region.

He added that the region is not known for the various crime disturbing its peaceful nature, hence, the cooperation between the states to tackle the menace.

Mr Oyeleye disclosed this during an interview program, Frank Talk on Rave FM in Osogbo on Wednesday.

He added mischief-makers who didn’t lift a finger when southwest states are having security challenges are the ones opposing the outfit.

According to him, “Insecurity is not our way of life in the southwest. This is the region that has been exposed to the outside world for about 700 years ago.

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“Mischiefs makers are the ones who are making comments that Amotekun is ethnic police to protect the Yorubas. In the western region not only Yoruba live here. Every region lives here because we are an accommodating region. If you live here, under the armpit of the law, Amotekun will also serve you. It won’t single out a Yoruba man.

Amotekun is not for the territorial integrity of Nigeria, it is the work of Nigeria army, police e.t.c. Amotekun is to provide cover for the southwest region in terms of complementing the work of the police.

He also explained that “At some point last year when the southwest states were going through several security challenges, people were afraid at the state of kidnapping, car hijacking, murder on our roads. The governor came together quickly to proffer solution the prevailing bad occurrence in the region.

He noted that Amotekun is just one of the many solutions proffered by southwest governors in 2019.

“The southwest governors mandated the DAWN commission, in June 2019. We come together, the security experts proffer medium/long term solution. This is what we did when had a 4-day summit. One of the recommendations is the setting up of the joint security network by the six states.”

“Part of the recommendations includes; engaging our youths properly, to find jobs, developing entrepreneurship skills and many more. There is a lot of solution we pastored. But the immediate is to stem the challenges is setting up of Amotekun.

Nigeria is a federal country. The appellation is the federal republic of Nigeria. The security we offer in 1990 can no longer be the security in 2020 even the criminals have moved up, criminality is changing on a daily basis. What we have in Nigeria as at the moment is a one-side type of solution. We have a federal republic still sitting with one police to cater for the whole country. You have police headquarters in Abuja, they are the one policing all small towns and villages across the school.

Nigeria has approximately 400,000 policemen for a population of over two hundred million.

Proper policing in the 20th century is gravitating toward community policing. The major orientation behind Amotekun is community policing. We are involving the locals in the security. The local will serve as the brain behind the existing Police.

Britain that gave us the police we are operating has devolved then why are we afraid to devolve security in Nigeria”? He wondered.




source: Vanguard