ATAP alumni condemn violent protest, call for thorough investigation 

Wed Jul 27th, 2022 - Bauchi

The Alumni of Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic (ATAP), Bauchi have expressed concern, and dismay over the incidence of uncoordinated protests staged by the students of the institution which resulted in the destruction of properties within and outside the school premises.

The Alumni in a press statement read by Abdulhamid Yusuf Gital stated that “We came to an understanding that the protest happened in response to the imposed decision of the Joint Action Committee (JAC) to embark on a warning strike, an action which came at close hours to the commencement of the second-semester examination.”

According to the Alumni, the decision was believed to be divergent from the Management of the instruction led by the Rector as putatively stressing that the development has been the reason that stirred the unfortunate reaction of the students.

It declared that, undoubtedly, the action must be condemned sincerely in strong terms because, the manner in which the adamant protestants comported themselves was out of the boundaries of learned and responsible people.

“We know well how students express their grievances in the face of any academic difficulties in Nigerian institutions of learning, you will believe that this isn’t the first strike in ATapoly but there is none in the record of such unholy conduct of the students, why is this barbaric act taking the normal attitude of students now”, the Alumni added

It added that “The manifest of hoodlums displayed in the protest has posed a serious question about the genuine nature of the identities of the so-called students, for that, we call on the management to initiate a high stake investigation panel to ascertain the genuine nature of her students involved in the protest and know their justification for the protest.”

“Nevertheless, in our conscious effort, we have great concern, loyal and law-abiding students who of course fell victims of the school management circumstances, therefore, we urge the state Government to do the needful as a responsible Government whose priority to education development is unmatched and uncontested judging the commitment budget allocated to the sector”, the Alumni added.

It added that “More reason for her unwavering commitment to education could be seen in a circular sent and made available to the media by the Commissioner of Education which called for the immediate submission of necessary documents to the effect of the implementation of the tertiary institution’s teachers promotion”.

According to the Alumni, “The step taken in that direction was commendable. So the Government should hasten the process to implement the new salary scale for the promoted lecturers and non-academic staff of all state tertiary institutions.”

The Alumni expressed the belief that the implementation of the new conditions of service will stop the unwanted situation of protests that some bad elements are coming in to commit atrocity to stultify their efforts as responsible Supervisors.

It also urged the management to understand as a matter of urgency and make a strategic, well-coordinated student leadership on the campus which will help them get first-hand information on all aspects of students from groups.

The statement opined that that can only be if the students are allowed to make the leaders into various capacities through the process of election stating that “Indeed, the absence of leaders in the institution has made the situation got out of control.

It stated that the protest was not organized or coordinated by the students union leaders stating,” If students contest and won the election through popular votes, they can give directions.

” For a progressive minded people, remedy for the damages should be proffered by the college management and also, the government must stand high in stake to the dialogue with ASUP, initiate policies to forestall future occurrence of any kind of protest.”

“Lastly, we call on the management especially the Rector to be more diplomatic in their approach to discipline the introvert and extrovert of the unfortunate protest. The Alumni further beseech for soft- hands while taking on the grips of the involved physically in the protest if they happen to be students of the institution.

“Finally, we must commend the calmness and resilience of the Rector in handling the trending situation in recent times,” it concluded.




source: Tribune