Banditry: Unending Plight Of Niger Farmers As Security Agencies Intensify Fight

Sat May 21st, 2022 - Niger

Niger State has been the hotbed of banditry activities in the North-central zone of the country, making many farmers confined to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps amid incessant bandit and terrorist attacks in their communities.

A visit to Maitumbi, Gwada, and Zumba camps by LEADERSHIP recently showed that most of the displaced persons in the camp were children and women as the men against all odds, have returned to the communities for the new farming season.

It is a known fact that bandits have killed hundreds of persons while many others have been either kidnapped in schools or other places such as places of worship and homes in the state.

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Why banditry is rising in Niger State

The Secretary to the State Government, Ahmad Matane, had earlier said, “Banditry has become an enterprise, making millions from the abduction of victims. They use a lot of the money to buy more weapons and that reinforces and strengthens their capability to continue what they are doing.”

Matane said banditry has become well structured with a high level of communication that enables them to call for reinforcement when under attack.




source: Leadership