Delegates and Utopian visions of democracy

Fri Jun 10th, 2022 - Jigawa

The democratic vision in Nigeria is one where leadership position even from councillorship level goes to the highest bidder and not the man that has good antecedent and is competent enough to change the narrative; the stupendous willfull damages in all sectors of the economy, the haphazard actions of terrorists and chaos reigning in the country amongst other sticky wickets bedeviling the nation.

The democratic vision can’t be achieved where delegates are not thinking beyond the depth of their pockets rather than thinking of the patriotic vision of the country that will galvanize them to select the right leaders ready for the job. Therefore, delegates must imbibe national consciousness and should be people with strong convictions to make things better for Nigerians, they should understand that majority of Nigerians are at the receiving end of whatever the political class perpetrates.

Therefore, by 2027 it is a burden around the necks of party delegates to collectively and solidly select the candidates with highest caliber who are determined, patriotic, competent, dedicated and committed to deliver Nigeria to the promise land and restore its glory.

However, the actions of the delegates are controlled by the different forms of political maneuvers to favour the anointed candidates or the candidate that has paid them the highest and this has been a hindrance in checking the excesses of the past administration and also a tool that is breeding corruption, mentored incompetency and other irregularities in the country.

Therefore, there’s a need to redefine the parameters and yardstick behind election conventions in most political parties to tackle the irregularities, misconduct, scandalous extortion and exorbitant indignation which marginalized many candidates.

Isma’il Alkasim,

Jigawa State.




source: Tribune