Don Canvasses Cultural Renaissance as Pivot for Development

Mon Nov 14th, 2022 -

The dwindling influence of the Yoruba Culture and traditions has been traced to misinformation, as well as the diffusion of poor culture and modernity.

A Professor of Culture History, Prof. Rasheed Owoyele Ajetunmobi, made this observation while delivering the 11th Inaugural Lecture of Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijagun, Ogun State with the title ‘Traversing the Evolution and Development of Yoruba Culture: The Journey of a Culture’.

Ajetunmobi enjoined historians to constantly research Yoruba cultural values that can benefit the society.

He chided Africans for waiting for technology transfer from the west, noting that rather than waiting for this transfer, Africans should embrace and leverage indigenous technology to develop human society.

“Rather than denouncing our witches and wizards, we must encourage them to positively use their knowledge towards the development of human society.

“We can rely on our culture for technological evolution and development rather than technology transfer which is an illusion,” he noted.


Ajetunmobi noted that the superiority of the western powers is not in their place of birth but in the appreciation of their culture and station in life.

He further blamed colonialism as the reason why Africans hate themselves and their culture.

While urging Africans to develop their culture, he observed that they must first appreciate who they are, where they are, and what they are.

He also warned the Yorubas against jettisoning Ifa science and technology, adding that if care is not taken, people of the Yoruba tribe will soon be paying the Europeans for Ifa divination in no distant future.

Ajetunmobi also suggested that a home-grown democracy is the only way Nigeria and other African countries can occupy their rightful place in the comity of nations.

He cited the Oyo political power that lasted for almost a century without western literacy and political philosophy, adding that for the Yoruba race to conquer the world, they must appreciate who they are, learn the things of the race, and behave truly like Yoruba.

Guests at the events included the first vice chancellor of TASUED, Prof. Olukayode Oyesiku; a former deputy vice-chancellor, Prof. Olusoga Olusanya; a former provost of the School of Postgraduate Studies, Prof. Mushau Ogundipe, among others.




source: Tribune