Firm Launches APP to Boost Healthcare Delivery

Fri May 26th, 2023 -

A firm, HealthXP Limited, yesterday, launched an innovative solution, “MyhealthXP,” to relieve burden on healthcare systems worldwide and connect patients with doctors.

According to the firm, MyhealthXP is an on-demand healthcare application developed to create a seamless and innovative approach to healthcare delivery in Africa.

The app is set to connect individuals to highly qualified and verified doctors, laboratories, and pharmacies, providing them with efficient, convenient, and accessible medical attention wherever they are. With myhealthXP, patients can access quality and affordable healthcare at their fingertips.

Co-founder of HealthXP Limited. Dr. Kayode Ogunleye, said the platform was designed to tackle the challenges of limited medical resources, long wait times and subpar healthcare services.

Ogunleye said myhealthXP aimed to be the forefront of the transformation shift, saying it will enable individuals to proactively monitor their health and detect potential issues at the earliest stage.

Also, in his keynote address, Co-founder of HealthXP Limited Dr. Daniel Omomhenle, said the African healthcare system needs to address numbers of problems, ICT-related issues, data management and lack of funding to bridge the gaps of Nigeria health sector.




source: Guardian