Five signs your skincare routine is not right

Sat May 23rd, 2020 - Nationwide

We all want very flawless and bright skin, we literally wear makeup and complexion products to mimic the look of perfect skin and make us look extra beautiful. However, sometimes, our skincare products are not necessarily the best for our skin and might actually be causing us more harm than good.

A lot of us have experimented and are experimenting with a lot of skincare products during this period and while some people have discovered new, amazing products just right for them, others have a different experience. There are some signs you should look out for when you start a new skincare routine to know if the products you are using are not really right for you and here are five things you should take note of:

If you use any skincare product and your skin starts getting red patches or becomes inflammed, then there is a problem somewhere. Skin reactions like this are as a result of your skin not agreeing with some ingredients in the product and you should stop immediately. Make sure you are observant of all the things you are using on your skin so that you can trace the product that might be causing this reaction. Don’t think to ride it out or force your skin to adjust, stop it and look for an alternative.




source: Guardian