Group Urges Government to Provide Potable Water for Nigerians

Sat May 27th, 2023 -

Society for Family Health (SFH) Access has emphasised the need to ensure clean water for Nigerians, both in the rural and urban areas, noting that it was time to harness different solutions to address the challenges.
The group urged the government to ensure adequate pipe borne water for Nigerians to avert waterborne diseases, while urging the people to take decisions to ensure their safety.
Speaking during the launch of ‘Water Guard Tank Disinfectant,’ in Lagos, the managing director of SFH Access, Dennis Aizobu, said even though many Nigerians prefer ‘pure water’ in their quest to drink clean water, many of such products are not clean.
He lamented that it was unfortunate that access to safe drinking water was a big challenge in Nigeria.
“Poor access to safe drinking water leads to several diseases, . . It is also responsible for a significant number of deaths.

“To improve the situation everyone has a role to play. At the household level, people should make an effort to have access to water through various water sources and treat the water at home for safety.
“Water guard tank disinfectant is one of the staples of the various products or solutions that we have provided to address the challenges, particularly as we look at issues around hygiene. It is low technology, easy to use, very affordable, and we hope that every home would use it. This will help to reduce incidences that are associated with waterborne diseases, like diarrhea and typhoid, among others.
“It can also be used in schools, restaurants, homes and hospitals and also to wash vegetables. It’s unfortunate that a lot of people, after drilling in their boreholes, they just start drinking without treating the water. But, with Water Guard Tank Disinfectant, you can treat the water from the borehole that supplies water to your house.”
The company’s brand ambassador, actor Bolanle Ninalowo, who spoke at the event said; “Two things are the cheapest in the world and one of them is water. Due to the climate situation and our own actions, water has become an essential commodity that is now expensive. You would be surprised at how much people can’t even afford to buy pure water and the reason people go for pure water is because they want clean water. What they don’t know is that even some of the pure water they drink is bad.
“The Water Guard disinfectant will eradicate bacteria and the thought of creating a product to ensure we have good water is such a brilliant idea,” he said.
Also speaking, former President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) and board member of SFH Access Group, said: “We know that water is life and we want to promote quality water to the people and the government. We are committed to fighting pipe borne diseases and removing all the contaminants from water.
“Our already existing products can be found even in the remotest part of Nigeria. Some people still think that they can use pure water but purr water is not clean. This product will purify water from the source. It can be put into overhead tanks, either public or private and one pack will treat almost 80,000 litres of water.”




source: Guardian