How Music Diva Jemiriye Thrilled Audience In Senegal

Sun May 22nd, 2022 - Nationwide

The city of Dakar, Senegal received a gift in human form as a Nigerian musician and girl child empowerment advocate, Jemiriye came in her total package to sing and offer her experience in empowering the girl child through her foundation, Ewa Global initiative.

The vocal powerhouse gave the audience a taste of what to expect in her upcoming album performed with the Senegal National Orchestra at the Grand Theatre National Doudou Ndiaye Rose in Dakar, the capital of Senegal

The occasion was part of her week-long and event-filled moments in Senegal, as Jemiriye and nine other women from different walks of life discussed on ways to empower the girl child among other topics.

The suave and passionate musician who travelled all the way from her residence in Pittsburg enroute France came to Senegal to serenade, speak on what she is passionate about and give back through her foundation, Ewa Global Initiative which is solely funded by her.

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At the occasion in Dakar, she spoke with one voice among other women on how to make the world a better place. The event which was packaged by Afrika Consult and had African from the Diaspora participate in it, supported by different organization including International festival Figas in France.

Other musicians and bands that were at the event are Coumbis Sarra,Khoudia Acoustics from Senegal, NinaWateka from Mauritania among others.

Last year, Jemiriye got an outsanding International Award at the AD King’s foundation awards and gala ceremony in United States Of America, with Dr Naomi King in attendance and other dignitaries.




source: Leadership