Imo: Police Arrest Landlord, Others Over Abduction of Four Children

Thu Jun 1st, 2023 -

• Warn of unprofiled tenants

Police Command in Imo State has arrested the landlord of an apartment where four children were abducted in Umuaka community in Njaba Local Council.

The children are four-year-old Ugwuebu Dominion; four-year-old Jemine Divine; two-year-old Jemine Isaiah and two-year-old Ugwuegbu Success.

They were allegedly kidnapped by two new female tenants, whose names or whereabouts were unknown to the landlord, caretaker or the agent, who brought the ladies to the apartment, on May 26, 2023.

The Guardian gathered that the yet-to-be-identified lady, on May 27, 2023, at about 10.00a.m., walked into the sitting room where the children (the four boys), and a girl were playing to interact with them.

Jemine Isaiah

Father of two of the abducted children, Jemine Pereebi, said mothers of the other children, his wife and sister-in-law were not at home when it happened.

He said: “When one of the ladies walked into the sitting room, she took the four boys and told Bethel Jemine, their six-year-old sister, that she was taking her brothers out to buy them gifts for Children’s Day.

He added that Bethel refused and was adamant towards the woman, telling the woman to leave her brothers alone and come back to pick them when her mother comes back from the market, but the woman shouted at her to get back into the house.

“Bethel rushed inside to tell her elder sisters, who were in the bathroom, what was happening, but when they came outside, the whereabouts of the little boys and the woman were unknown. That was how the alarm was raised.

“The landlord claimed that he was paid for the rent, but did not take details of the new tenant.

Ugwuebu Success

“The issue was reported to the nearest police station at Umuaka. The landlord, the caretaker and the agent were arrested.”

When contacted, Imo State Police Public Relations Police (PPRO), Okoye Henry, said: “I am aware of the situation and we are currently investigating. I think we need to sound a note of warning to landlords to ensure that they profile their tenants before giving them apartments.

“The woman rented the apartment and after two months she made away with four children living in the compound and the landlord did not know the identity of the woman.”

Jemine Divine

“I am assuring members of the public that we will do everything possible to arrest the woman and rescue the children, and make her face the full wrath of the law.

“I always advise members of the public that there is a need for them to partner with us. They should not say security is not their business. When they witness any clandestine activity within their vicinity, they have the responsibility to report because if we had received the early, we would have done everything possible to thwart the abduction.  However, I am assuring the public that we will get to the root of it and apprehend the woman.”




source: Guardian