Jukun To Suspend Political Activities Over Aku Uka Palace

Tue May 10th, 2022 - Abuja (FCT)

Apex sociocultural and political organisation of the Jukun people, Jukun Development Association of Nigeria (JDAN) has called for the immediate and indefinite suspension of all political programmes and activities in Jukunland within three days until the new Aku Uka of Wukari, His Royal Majesty, Manu Ishaku Adda Ali Amatakhitswen is properly settled.

The association said the original seat of power which is the Aku Uka’s traditional palace in Wukari is where their traditional ruler should be settled.

Its national president, Chief Bako Benjamin, told newsmen in Abuja that the continued desecration of Jukun heritage and tradition by Governor Darius Ishaku of Taraba State can no longer be accepted and must be resisted and condemned by all true Jukun sons and daughters.

Bako said the disdain and scorn with which the governor hold the Jukun’s highest traditional stool was revealed when he stayed away and refused to visit and honour the late Aku Uka Dr Shekarau Angyu Masa Ibi Kuvyun when he transited and when the new Aku Uka was installed and coronated.

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Bako said JDAN as the protector and defender of all Jukun institutions in the world must never keep quiet and remain silent when Governor Darius Ishaku locked up the Aku Uka’s palace and put the keys in his pocket and moved around with it.

He called on all true Jukun sons and daughters to rise in unity and protect the dignity, purity and sanctity of the highest Jukun traditional institution in the land from being destroyed by Governor Darius Ishaku because of politics.

The president said no political campaign should be happening anywhere in Jukunland when their King who should be in his traditional home performing necessary daily religious rites is held up in the private residence of someone in Wukari for months and Jukun people are going about their activities as if everything is alright.




source: Leadership